Late nights

Return of the…

Wow. Finally dusting up this old place. This place where, once upon a time, I came to bleed my heart out and tell my innermost thoughts. It feels odd to be back and I hope, the place will feel like home, like it once did. I remember when I still visited this place, my worst…… Continue reading Return of the…

Musings · Those days


I’m 21 right now. I’m basically the oldest I’ve ever been. When we were kids, I never wanted to grow up. I thought people who had double digits as their age were old. I used to think my childhood would drag out. That on the eve of me turning 10, God would press rewind, and…… Continue reading 21

Dear AJ · Those days


Dear AJ,We were supposed to talk yesterday night, but you weren’t online, neither were you picking your calls, and it stung. A part of me thought “He fucking hates you bitch! Don’t you see that! Stop acting like a fucking desperate whore! You motherfreaking bitch!” So, that made me calm down. Because it’s true. I…… Continue reading 9/7/2018