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Can’t wait to meet you..

Hi, A friend of mine, who is around 19 is about to have her baby and this was all she went through rather has gone through this far, and I decided to type up a small not so small article about the journey. Also, so many kids my age, are having kids and I think we should stop judging them and go help them learn how to change diapers instead. 🙂

It’s 5 pm, I’ve just come from school, I am tired, my feet are dusty, they are killing me and I need to go pee. Did I mention he left without saying goodbye? We’ll worry about that later! But I should mention, he didn’t even make me a cup of hot cocoa when I wanted it, so good riddance to him. The only thing I am worried about right now, is how I’m going to get this report done by next week, and get this baby out of me! Soon! Maybe that hot cocoa will do right now and a warm bath for the baby and I.

What will we have for dinner tonight baby? Yesterday we had A hot dog, Eggs and Mangoes. We can’t keep eating like that baby. Okay? *Kicks* Okay, how about Some proper steamed cabbage, with beef meat and ugali. *Continuous kicks* I’ll take that as a yes, and we’ll add some extra chili, just a bit it’ll be our little secret.

Sometimes, I like to talk to her. She makes me calm. Sometimes I sing to her and play her music. I play for her Coat of many colours, especially because I remember when I was a little girl, I would listen to it with my dad all the time and we would sing it. I know she likes it because when I stop the music, she kicks angrily. She’s already a feisty one.

But you understand baby, yes? You know there is a reason I haven’t told him… I don’t want him to judge me. Or not forgive me. It’s not that I’m embarrassed about you baby, I just don’t want your grandfather to hate me. I don’t know what I would do.

Oh my! Your father, I have stressed him. We have stressed him. He always says he knows you’ll be as stubborn as your mother. I always laugh at this and send him away to get me, boiled maize from mama Ng’ang’a or boiled eggs with kachumbari! Why do you love boiled things baby? But I know he’s right. I know you’ll be the best thing that will have happened to us. He can’t wait to meet you. He always says he’ll spoil you. But I won’t let that happen.

She makes my skin so much better on some days. On some days, I have an unending glow. My breasts are bigger and fuller. I am wearing dresses because my doctor said that I shouldn’t wear pants. Besides, they fit me well in the right places even though I was always afraid of wearing them before. There is no distinct bulge and not many will notice it. But I like it that way, because I don’t want many to notice it. I don’t want people to talk. On days like these, I’m happy, which means everyone is happy.

On other days on the other hand, my skin breaks out and ends up looking like dried mud. I have no appetite, which means the baby will lack food and she will remove a lot of gas. Or my stomach will ache, and when I walk up that tiny hill, as I go to school, It will feel like I have just finished hiking Mt. Kenya and my feet will swell, and my chest will feel constrained and I will try and catch two breathes because one is not enough anymore.At night, sometimes, I can’t turn or toss and I just sometimes miss the freedom to be able to turn in my own bed. It is all going to be worth it right?

Right now, I’m scared of telling my dad, that my baby will be coming soon. I also don’t know when I’ll go for my next Ultra Sound because, I’m only a student, and my father doesn’t know. I wouldn’t want my classmates to know just yet. I do get glares from old women who can tell that I am pregnant.

When you are pregnant, you really start to notice that there are way too many pregnant women in the streets.That moment you see another pregnant woman, you tend to think about a lot.For example, Does her baby kick as hard as yours? Does her house help think she is the evil step mother? Does she crave for mangoes as bad as I do? For some women, when they tell me that they’re in the same month as I am (6 months), I just stare in shock, because she must be carrying more than 1 child in that belly. Despite all that, I am convinced we all can’t wait to hold our babies in our arms and finally meet them after having cooked them for 40 weeks or so.


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