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Late night showers

Once upon a time, taking long showers while listening to Boyz II Men and singing along was more therapeutic than sitting down with a shrink. These days, it just doesn’t cut it.
I love how in the shower, I can come up with a thousand ideas for a million blog posts yet once I am out of the shower, I am as blank as I was in My Actuarial Math 2 paper last semester. So now, I have a love-hate relationship with the shower. Singing Boyz II Men in the shower and thinking I was the fifth member they never had (because this bomb voice not) just doesn’t touch my soul anymore. And, every time I leave the shower I have to run, get my laptop so that I type out all the ideas I have, but by the time I am done with my first statement, it almost feels like I have amnesia. As if that long time in the shower when I had all these bomb ideas that could easily become Best Sellers, never happened. So, I sit there on my bed, as the water drips to my sheets and tell myself, that maybe, just maybe I was born to calculate various interest rates! Which makes me want to tell the creators of finance, GIVING INTEREST RATES DIFFERENT NAMES DOESN’T MAKE IT DIFFERENT!

*Straightens shirt and walks out for 4 more weeks until I can get my math right*



4 thoughts on “Late night showers

  1. My mind does this too 🙂 usually when I’m on the road, and I’d come up with all these great ideas….then poof! nothing. I think this is why some of the greatest works were first hastily scribbled on a napkin!


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