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Shooting stars

Photo credits @jefftanphoto on instagram

I was standing at the back side of the house, looking at the sky. It had this wonderful deep intimidating purple that was screaming, Bold and Majestic! And the scattered tufts of cloud floated by paying no mind to the sky. Then, I remembered the first time I saw a shooting star. It was in high school and I was scared. Before it happened I always went to the back of the house to stand there and wait for it to happen. A shooting star to pass.

The high school I attended was structured (in terms of buildings) in an odd way. We would cross a major road everyday as we moved between the classroom area and the dorm area. We would always leave early In the morning in time for prep and late at night to go sleep. 

On my second year of high school, I was a new kid and scared! I didn’t want to make friends because I didn’t trust anyone. For a really long time I was the new kid who walked by themselves everywhere. Until these two came along.

There was Mary-Anne, we both loved rock and finding people that loved hard core rock was a bit rare so we loved that about each other. We later on became bed mates and we’d sing a lot of rock music until one of us just fell asleep. Most of the time it was me! But before we became Bed mates, we would sing all the way from class to the dorms. Sharon was Mary-Anne’s cousin so we became friends mutually from her. But Sharon was a free spirit!She could talk to anyone and make you feel comfortable. There was always something settling about Sharon. She was outgoing and motherly at the same time but was also able to scare you once in a while, for me it was many times, by anything she’d do or say; random in a good way. 

Sharon, Maryanne and I walked down singing “So what!” By P!nk and we repeated the chorus about a dozen times and kept on singing louder and louder. 

One day as Sharon and I were walking to the dorms, we stopped a few times to look at the sky. It was the most beautiful thing I had seen in a long time. So we just stood on the side of the path and stared. I remember feeling settled. I felt like I was a child again; innocent and naive. Peace and A sense of belonging among the stars. Sharon was talking, I didn’t quite catch was she was saying so I snapped out of the trance I was in and started listening and in that exact moment a shooting star passed and she squealed with so much happiness. I, on the other hand, was completely heart broken. I felt like the stars were deceiving me. Why would you wait until my head is down so that you can send a shooting star? You know I have been waiting all my life for this? (I have a tendency of asking myself and the world questions I never get answers to.)

I turned my head up to the sky so fast, I would have snapped my own neck, so that I catch it. But it was gone. I became angry, and I told Sharon I’m not leaving here until I see one. I was so angry and embarrassed, I felt betrayed and I couldn’t take it! I was ready to camp out and wait for it. The only chance I thought I had to actually feeling okay, not close to the edge was gone just like that. 

Then, after a few minutes of complaining to the world and rambling under my breath. Two shooting stars. Tears. Then I wiped them fast because I’m still a new kid I can’t be the kid who cries when they see stars. And I hugged Sharon. And we walked back to the dorm quietly and more peaceful than usual
Thank you for reading. To be honest, I haven’t posted in a while, and I would really like to hear your feedback. Is it rusty? Too much explaining? Tell me something, anything. Okay now I just sound like I’m begging, but leave something yes? Lol thanks 


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