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Home made Slime.

I remember when I turned eighteen, I felt old. Not mature, not like an adult, just plain old. Prior to the day, I always thought that whenever you turned either eighteen, or twenty one your skin definitely droops a bit. You get a wrinkle. I kind of still believe so.
You see in a few days I will be turning twenty. Then in a few more months, I will be done with uni. And for me I feel like this is all over-achieving. I want to bargain with God, like please take me back one more year, I don’t think I’m ready for any of this. It’s scary realizing that you are getting old, but it is petrifying (throw in all the scary idioms and synonyms you can think of) realizing you are an adult, you have to be an adult. And probably I am putting all this pressure on myself, and what not but is it ever pressure.
When I envisioned this post, I thought it would be like a Katy Perry song, upbeat, pop-y, and all I have given so far is a small blob of gooey home made slime made while listening to some soppy blues music like Daniel Ceaser.


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