Late nights · Those days


Do you ever finish a good book, or a series you’ve been binge watching, and just think to yourself, What do I do with my life next? You’ve created such a bond with the characters, and when it ends, you heart breaks into a million pieces.

Well that happened to me yesterday. After finishing the last season of New girl, I went to my parents’ bedroom, to listen to some radio as I caught up with blogs and instagram, you know, the usual just to destruct myself. I switch on the radio, adjust it to the perfect radio station and the most calming sad music for my soul is playing. Perfect, right?

So I lie on the bed, and immediately it goes down. It breaks.The bed breaks! I stay there for a minute or two just figuring out what just happened. I am petrified. My heart is beating so fast, I can feel it in my mouth. My legs are so weak, and in my mind I’m thinking, so this is the day, okay. I’m ready God, you can take me. After that, I immediately stop thinking. I get up, switch off the radio and I go back to my room. As I’m climbing my bed, a piece of metal sticking out of my study desk, slices my leg. I stand there, staring at it. So mad at nothing in particular. The blood doesn’t gush out at first, it got shocked too, took a step back, then started gushing out profusely after a few seconds. I get some cotton wool with hot water and wipe it, until the blood stops. By the time, I’m done, its swollen. I get rid of everything and as I get back into bed, I hear my mother at the gate. I get off the bed to go open the gate, as I wear my crocs I realize I can’t wear them. My foot is swollen and hurting, and so is my heart.


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