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Let’s sing a song.

When Lynn, my sister, and I were kids, we were the type of kids that knew every song that came on the radio by heart. My father, had a brown or grey (my mom and I argued about this for years) Toyota corolla, that I loved with all my heart.I always felt like I was in an SUV. My father’s small SUV. I loved singing in the car, especially as we went to see my grandmother. Because who doesn’t need more time to sing to all the songs played (repeated) on kiss 100. It was always a great time. Well, since it wasn’t just me singing, my parents hated it, and they found it loud. Especially if they needed to talk about adult stuff. They loved it when a song we didn’t know came on, it was 4-minutes of uninterrupted tranquility. Dad would turn to ask us mid song, “haya, hamjui hii?” and Lynn would answer, “By the time turudi home, tutajua.” And then he’d ask us how comes we don’t like singing in school, or church, and I’d say ,“Me I sing at home and Lynn sings in church,” thinking it would make him stop probing us. A Chris Brown song would be playing and I would want to listen to it but he was boring us with unnecessary questions, so I’d keep quiet and let her do all the talking as I tried to listen to small bits that had not yet been overshadowed by the conversation they were having.


My grandmother came to stay at ours, as she went for medical check ups. Age and the commitment she has to an ailment she has been unable to shake off for the past 30 years have really caught up with her, and she now has to use her ndata and support from someone else as she walks. Her eyes that could spot you from a mile away,a few years back, have now started betraying her but she still insists that she can still see, a bit. When you go over to greet her, she will hold your hands, take her time to identify you, bring you closer to her and she will try to guess. Often times than not, she gets it within her first guess. She is always happy.

I was seated in my room trying to read for tomorrow’s CAT, and she was in the sitting room. Then she started singing and I stopped to listen to her. Oh my word, it was so soothing to hear her sing. I didn’t expect it. It was like listening to a harp being played for the first time. You kind of just want to sit and listen all day. I wanted to go and ask her to teach me one or some of the songs, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to interrupt her and I can’t speak my mother tongue well, I sound like a kid learning basic English.


PS. I couldn’t come up with a better title, but if you have reached this far, may the good Lord make that boy or girl notice you and approach you or give you the confidence to do it yourself 😉


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